Board of Directors

Ian W. Delaney 3
Chairman of the Board, The Westaim Corporation
Former Chairman, Sherritt International Corporation

Stephen R. Cole 1, 2, 3
Former President, Duff & Phelps Canada

John W. Gildner 1, 2, 3
Independent Businessman

J. Cameron MacDonald
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Westaim Corporation

Bruce V. Walter 1, 2, 3
Chairman of Nunavut Iron Ore, Inc.
Vice Chair of Centerra Gold Inc.

Kevin E. Parker
Managing Partner, Sustainable Insight Capital Management
Former Member of the Management Board, Deutsche Bank

Lisa Mazzocco
Chief Investment Officer, University of Southern California
Advisory Committee Member, Los Angeles Capital Management
Advisory Committee Member, Tiogo Foundation

Numbers indicate the individual’s committee membership:

  1. Member of the Audit Committee
  2. Member of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee
  3. Member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee